Google Ads Management

Google Ads "The most undervalued digital marketing resource" from episode 2. They are vital to almost every single businesses success. Are you looking to show up when people have already committed mentally to purchasing your service or product? Let's Chat.

How it works?

Sit back and relax? Almost. Okay, so you are here and ready to take action and make your business offerings more visible to the world. Great start. Next, we need to sit down and chat about your business offerings. Give me the inside scoop as to what you offer and let me be a consumer of your product or service.

Then, my team and I will go ahead and map about our Google Ad strategy. We will discuss options with you when it comes to how you want to handle showing up for what, and ask for some content revisions if needed. Sometimes your offerings are very complex and we would like to run it by you to see if you can insert some industry standard verbiage on things.

From here, we will go ahead and launch your campaigns. Now you can sit back, relax, and deal with new business! We require a minimum $1000/monthly budget (including our fee) and you can cancel at the end of any month. No contracts. What we do works and gets results fast! We are not worrying about locking into massive contracts, that just does not make a lot of sense for us!

Enjoying the success? Great! Let's up the budget. At any time you can let us know you would like to increase the budget and we will do so. You might even get a call from me saying something like "hey stranger, would you like to double your budget? Our RIO is 8X right now and there is enough of a market out there that we shouldn't see a drop. Is that a yes?". Increasing budget is something that happens all the time and it just shows that we are doing an awesome job!

In some complex cases, there may be a setup fee when things are a little complex. About 60% of our clients do not require this and if they do it can range from $200 to $2000 depending on how many products/services and the data you can provide us to make our lives smoother!

If you are interested in connecting to chat about this email me at subject header "Google Ads" or reach out to me on LinkedIn!