So you want to be a guest?

First off, thank you for taking the time to consider being a guest. Providing valuable information to the world is not only rewarding, but is also a great way to showcase your strengths to the world! Literally the world... I am still trying to get used to that even after running a digital company that operated in over 23 countries... it is crazy to think!

Alright, enough about me. This page is for you! First off let's see if you are the right fit! What would define you as the right fit? Simple, do you have a strength in the digital marketing world that allows you to stand out? That is part one. Now chances are if you are here, or people pay you money for what you do, then check that one off. I am not picky about the topic of discussion because, simply put, I am stupid! I understand that I do not know everything about digital marketing and this is your time to shine!

Great, next step, let's chat! I am glad you have made it this far. I agree you are smart... and want to be on the Stupid Marketer Podcast... yeah sounds strange I know. So are you really smart...? Kidding. Email me or reach out to me on LinkedIn and tell me the topic you are thinking! I would suggest some but then you will be train-tracked in your thoughts and never steer away from them. If you don't have a topic but you know you would be a great fit then email me anyways!

Initial Call or coffee or drink or Skype or something? Let's spend 10 to 120 minutes chatting and sort this out (oh and network!). This will allow us to dive into the topic, off the record, and really map out a great conversation that listeners would benefit from! Once we agree on the basics, I will formulate some questions and conversations pieces for us to get ready to film the episode! Don't worry, this whole process is fun and really takes no time on your side... minus putting up with me for a bit. Sorry.

The Podcast Recording! The fun part. This can be done in person or via the phone! It is easy and I can ensure my team edits the audio to make it sound professional! We are looking for 10 to 30 minutes of conversation for the listeners in which we can pull some key learnings away from after. Our conversation will be in the middle of the episode! I will start the episode without you, introduce the concepts and anything listeners should really understand prior. Then we will chat! After this, I will break it down and leave the listeners with some key takeaways that are actionable!

Think you are up for it? My email is or you can reach out to me on LinkedIn! I am excited and cannot wait to work with you!

Oh... one more thing... SWAG. So for a little incentive. I need you to send me a head shot as well. My graphics team will turn it into a cartoon (like mine) and we will send you some awesome gear that you can show off to the world... or just wear at the campfire? And I encourage my guests to give a small plug if interested! Feel free to give a quick little piece on what you do and I will put in the details how someone could reach you. Not a hard sales pitch, but a feeler where people can reach out if they would like!